Add A Touch Of Luxury To Your Sweet Home With Snow Globe Luxury Furniture in Singapore

For each one of us, Home is where our heart is. It’s our home that comforts us and it’s the place that is truly ours in the whole wide world. We shifted to our new home slightly more than an year back but couldn’t do anything beyond basic renovation due to Covid-19 restrictions and closures. This year since things are opening up, we have started to focus on Home Decor. When it comes to furniture, there are so many shops in Singapore and of course, equally huge variety online. But we prefer to add Home Furniture and Accessories that are not too overwhelming or space-occupying. At the same time, it should add a touch of luxury to the home. We found Snow Globe which Luxury Home and Office Furniture in Singapore and our Home is smiling happily with these latest additions from Snow Globe.


Read on to know more about the beautiful Luxury Home Furniture that we got from Snow Globe.


Luxury Furniture in Singapore: Jigsaw Sofa Throw


A good throw gives an instant face lift to your sofa or arm chair. Just see how this soft and inviting Jigsaw Sofa Throw from Snow Globe in acrylic wool makes the sofa look differently attractive. It’s striking geometrical design is perfect for any sofa or arm chair.



Jigsaw Sofa Throw is available in 3 different colors; Blue, Khaki and Brick Red.


Luxury Furniture in Singapore: Grace Side Table


Elegant is the word that comes on my mind every time I see Grace Side Table adorning our living room.




What we love about Grace Side Table? Everything! The base has overlapping steel bars forming unique shape.

Marble = Luxury and that’s what makes this Grace Side Table even more enchanting. A definite must-have for your home.


Grace Side Table’s frame is made of stainless steel and is electroplated either in gold or rose gold matched with a faux marble top.




Snow Globe Luxury Home and Office Furniture in Singapore has an awesome collection of accessories and we got two trays from them and planning to get more. If you are looking for gifts for your loved ones, Snow Globe accessories is an excellent gift idea.

Ceasar Mirrored Tray




The best thing about Snow Globe accessories is that they are extremely versatile. You can use these trays as a display piece or place them your bedroom dresser or bedside table or living room or use it as a kitchen tray / serving tray.

The mirror at the bottom of Ceasar Mirrored Tray makes it look very very classy. Also available in rectangular shape.



Royal Dune Tray

Royal Dune trays are beautifully crafted and are made of glass and wood.



It’s a functional tray to serve your drinks and food and also looks great as a display piece. Available in 6 different designs.



Powder Puff Stool


Pretty little stool that can fit anywhere everywhere in your home. Use it as an extra sitting or place it as a home decor. You can place some vase on it or use it as a dressing table stool or place it near your home phone. Unlimited possibilities!


Powder Puff Stool comes in alluring colors like Emerald Green, Grey, Pink, powder blue, teal and I am sure all these colors look equally great.

This stool is made of Brushed Stainless Steel Bottom Base in Brass color and the seat is in Velvet.




Stone Wash Vases


Snow Globe has a few designs in these Ceramic vases with marble print. Place it on your side board / side table / dining table and this beauty is sure to enhance the look and feel of your home.






Loved what we got from Snow Globe for our home? Their home furniture and home decor is so luxurious, isn’t it? If you are thinking that the price is overwhelming, it’s not! You must check out this affordable Luxury Home and Office Furniture in Singapore by Snow Globe soonest.


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