Mum Shares Her Slow Parenting Tips

According to Wikipedia, Slow parenting AKA simplicity parenting) is a parenting style. In this parenting style only a few activities are organised for children. Instead, they are allowed to explore the world at their own pace.

Generally moms are fast in all they do and we all have our own parenting styles or even a combination of them.

Slow Parenting has worked well for my family so far and here are some of the tips I would like to share with fellow moms.

Slow Parenting Tips that I practise:

📌Don’t enrol kids in multiple enrichment classes unless they seem to have keen interest in the topic / hobby.

📌Don’t ask them every single little detail after school / co-curricular activity. Let the conversation flow naturally.

📌Encourage unstructured play. Let them play and explore. For my kids, Building blocks, Coloring kit, Notebooks, Old toys – anything can be fun and a way to imagine and learn.

📌No spoon feeding! We have to trust kids to be smart enough to crack a particular problem. We have to give them time for trial and error.

📌No pressure when it comes to exams and no stress of study to be put on little people is what we have practiced very consciously. Life is not about exam scores!

📌Don’t take away the pleasure of small discoveries that kids make serendipitously. Example: when the seeds they planted start sprouting, let them observe that and get excited about it rather than we talking about the whole plant life cycle in advance.

📌Don’t let them completely loose. Slow parenting is not lazy parenting. We have to still keep eyes ears mind open and alert to what kids are doing, saying and thinking.

What’s your parenting tip that has wonderfully worked for your kids? Do share with us!

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8 thoughts on “Mum Shares Her Slow Parenting Tips”

  1. I so agree with these parenting tips. Most of us, infact even I would have rushed my daughter for classes some time back. But with the current situation on hand I have learned to slow down and let them learn at their pace. i am not rushing them into anything and they are happier now.

  2. I really like the concept of slow parenting. I have encourage my daughter for unstructured play from the beginning and happy to see how her skills with Lego, drawing and craft work is shaping up.

  3. I follow all these tips and more. I make them do their own clearing of the room and picking of their things from the floor. They also have to arrange their shoes when they get home.

  4. These are some really nice tips. Today, parents tend to overburden kids and have too many and mostly unrealistic expectations. They need to let go and learn slow parenting.

  5. I am not a parent. But while going through your tips, I realised that I have grown up like this only. And I discover the world now also and share with my mom. Good post!

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