CarbonCopyChallenge: Reducing Carbon Footprint Is Everybody’s Responsibility

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🌱CarbonCopyChallenge : Simple Positive changes in our lifestyle lead to Profound glorious impact on our Environment 🌱

Do you know❓

In terms of carbon emissions per capita, Singapore comes in 27th out of 142 countries, producing almost double the global average.

We can definitely do better and all we need is to take some simple steps.

I have been trying to reduce #carbonfootprint in my own little ways:

🥗 As a #vegetarian, I rely mostly on plant based food.
♻️ I have replaced most of the plastic containers / utensils in my kitchen with glass or other #sustainable materials.
🪴I have a small #urbangarden where I grow mint, curry leaves, oregano, aloe vera. Trying to #growyourownfood

Here is what we can do to play our part to show our love to the environment:

  • Save leftovers and reduce food waste
  • Ditch the plastic packaging
  • Eat less meat
  • Try plant-based protein
  • Reduce dairy consumption
  • Grow your own food
  • Don’t eat in excess
  • Purchase local products
  • Shop secondhand
  • Opt for organic fabrics e.g. cotton, hemp, linen
  • Mend torn clothes
  • Repurpose old clothes
  • Swap unwanted clothes with friends
  • Donate unwanted clothes if they are still in good condition
  • Support ethical Brands
  • Shop less / shop secondhand
  • Bring reusable bag
  • Buy energy-efficient products
  • Buy from environmentally sustainable companies
  • Commute by bicycle or on foot
  • Switch to an electric vehicle
  • Turn off the lights / unplug electrical devices when not in use
  • Replace lights with LED bulbs
  • Shower instead of taking a bath / take shorter showers
  • Don’t leave the tap running when washing hands or dishes
  • Use cold water for washing machine
  • Reduce air-con usage / use fan whenever possible
  • Use rechargeable batteries


🌏Join me in #carboncopychallenge and let’s all together reduce our #carbonfootprint that’s suffocating our Mother Earth.

Let’s continue the green chain that this challenge aims to establish.

You all can participate too! 📌Just share what you are doing to reduce carbon footprint.
📌Tag three friends and also tag @temasekshophouse with a #carboncopychallenge


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