Unbundled Family Law Services – Affordable Solutions

Going through a divorce or legal separation is an emotionally challenging event.

  • How do you plan your finances if your divorce matter involves complicated issues?
  • Is your matter contested, and you want an experienced divorce lawyer?
  • Is there a way to hire an experienced divorce lawyer without making a significant dent in your finances?
  • What if you could determine the degree of legal help you require?

Are you looking for an affordable and experienced Singapore divorce lawyer that can handle the complexities of your case?

The solution may lie in unbundled family law services. 

The legal processes associated with a divorce in Singapore can be confusing and complicated for many people. While some people need divorce lawyers’ support throughout the journey, others may only need legal help for particular aspects of their divorce proceedings

Also known as ‘limited retainers,’ ‘limited scope legal services’ or ‘pay as you go’ legal services, unbundled family law services are a growing trend globally.

What are unbundled family law services?

Traditionally, lawyers are hired to represent clients throughout a particular case, such as a contested divorce case, from beginning to end. This can include drafting the paperwork, negotiating with the spouse’s lawyer, appearing in court, and everything else required for case completion. 

With unbundled family law services, clients can hire lawyers for specific tasks or processes instead of engaging them for the entire divorce process.  

Some of the unbundled divorce services provided by GJC Law include:

  • Analyzing the divorce case and grounds for divorce
  • Advising the client on their legal rights
  • Advising the client on court procedures
  • Explaining the various dispute resolution options in divorce
  • Drafting documents such as divorce papers or filing counterclaims and defense
  • Advising on marital assets/property division
  • Advising on child custody matters
  • Filing AOM (Affidavits of Assets and Means)
  • Advising on or filing other documents for a contested divorce such as writ for divorce, marital property plan, parenting plan, and statement of particulars
  • Negotiating the divorce terms
  • Appearing in court for a specific purpose
  • Extracting interim or final judgment

Cost benefits of unbundled divorce services

An uncontested divorce can cost anywhere from $1200 when there are no children and property involvement to $2200 when private property, child maintenance, and HDB flat are involved with traditional family law services. 

A contested divorce cost can vary depending on how long the case drags on and the complexities involved.

For those looking for affordable divorce options, unbundled divorce services are the perfect solution. Many people going through a separation or a divorce may lack the financial means to engage a lawyer.

  • As a cost-effective model, unbundled family law services provide clients with the flexibility of hiring a lawyer only for certain parts of a divorce process, such as the most confusing or challenging aspects.
  • While providing access to high-quality legal services, unbundled divorce services also offer clients much-needed certainty regarding divorce costs.

“While unbundled family law service is an excellent and cost-effective option for many divorce cases, the traditional full representation could be more suited when it comes to complex issues.”..

To know whether your divorce case needs unbundled divorce services or a full-fledged representation, schedule a no-obligation consultation with Gloria James-Civetta & Co matrimonial lawyers.

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