Christmas is coming! Pine Concept Review

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Location: 85​ Genting lane, #03-01B, Singapore 349569
Operating hours: 10am – 6pm (Daily) | 24 hours for online purchase

Providing top quality artificial christmas trees, Pine Concept is the one-stop shop for all your​ Christmas needs. Pine Concept’s showroom boasts stunning, realistic-looking artificial Christmas trees all at reasonable prices. With a convenient delivery service, they ensure that your Christmas tree purchase is smooth and hassle-free. They even provide guided steps to set up the tree. Pine Concept guarantees the best quality of their products and strongly does not​  support product misrepresentation. Their photos are taken in their own studio with minimal edits so that the actual product is not misleading. They guarantee that customers will only receive the best. Pine concept is definitely one of the best Christmas Tree Singapore​.​

Variety of Artificial Christmas Trees

It’s common to go for the same type of Christmas Tree each year, but did you know there’s plenty other options that might be more suited to your liking? Pine Concept offers a variety of artificial types of Christmas trees to choose from. The favorites such as the classic Douglas Fir, premium Cashmere Pine, Grand Fir, Scotch Pine and so many more are all available for customers to take their pick. Divided by the different types on their website, you can also select trees depending on what you’re specifically looking for. Such examples would include space-saving trees, ​ premium trees,white christmas trees and our personal favorite: wallet-friendly trees. Your Christmas tree is going to be the focal point of your home during the​   season, so make sure you pick the right one that adds a special dimension to your home!

Engineered To Last A Lifetime

With Pine Concept, customers do not need to worry about the fact that their trees will eventually go through the dreaded wear and tear process. The great thing about their trees is that they are made to endure manhandling. Unlike the conventional trees that have to be thrown away after a few years, Pine Concept has specifically paid close attention to the quality and durability of their trees so that they maintain their structure even after a very long time. In an effort to save people the hassle of having to purchase a new tree every few years, they’ve managed to provide customers with one that will last a lifetime, saving you the effort and money in the process.

Hyper Realistic Looking Trees

If you have always been skeptical about purchasing artificial trees, Pine Concept will discard all your worries away. Most people do not go for artificial trees because they’re afraid of the “plastic” and “fake” look. This is a cause of concern for many during the decision of getting either a traditional real christmas tree, or an artificial one. The specific, darker shade of green used for Pine Concept’s trees makes them look more realistic, as compared to a lighter shade of green generally used when it comes to artificial trees. Their branches are also filled with the most amount of tips possible which makes them immensely dense and you can almost never tell the difference between theirs and a live one. With enough care, decoration and attention to detail, no one could probably tell the difference between their artificial trees and a live one.

Easy Set-Up Concept

Their trees adopt the self-collapse branches concept which a majority of people prefer due to its hassle-free process, and takes half the effort compared to those in which you have to individually open the branches. You simply have to put the tree upright in its position and the branches, like the name suggests, will naturally self-collapse. A great benefit from this way of assembling is that after the season is over, you can easily flip the tree upside down and it will bring the branches back to its original position to fit back into the packing carton. It saves you a lot of time and effort and is also super easy to handle. For those who want the aesthetic of a stunning looking tree, but are too lazy to set it up, Pine Concept is the way to go.

Affordable Pricing

A whole section on their website dedicated to “wallet-friendly” trees, Pine Concept offers reasonably priced trees all while ensuring the quality of it. They believe that every home celebrating the festive season should be celebrated with a christmas tree without having to burn a hole in your wallet. With prices starting at $43.90, you can get a great quality Christmas tree at an affordable price.

Variety of Christmas Add-Ons

Besides Christmas trees, they also provide a variety of christmas add-ons such as christmastree ornaments​ and christmas decorations​ that you can decorate the trees with. These include Christmas baubles, tree toppers and tree sprays to give it that extra oomph factor that will wow all your guests. The joy of christmas is sharing so here’s a little early xmas special just for you. Get 15% off your christmas tree and decoration orders with the code ‘EARLYBIRD15​​’ when you check out. Santa came early this year 😉


Pine Concept provides a 10-year-warranty and free replacement for any damages that you encounter with the Christmas tree. Purchasing your tree from Pine Concept is a great investment following this warranty as in the event something about the tree doesn’t function well, you can still get a free replacement. It’s their little christmas gift to you! 

Hassle-free Delivery

They offer a hassle-free service by helping you to package your tree for transport home or even better, you can also choose to have them deliver it to your home. With 3 different delivery types​       and many delivery slots to choose from, you can select the best timing to suit your convenience. Spend above $100 and you can even enjoy free delivery. Hassle-free and perfect for those who are too lazy to make the trip down to the showroom. Pine Concept guarantees everything is as good as it looks on the site.

Photo Credits: Pine Concept

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