Friends, Food and Fun At This Cool Cafe

This year has presented unprecedented situation and we all had no choice but adapt and combat the pandemic while staying safe and socially diatanced. I had not met my friends for months so when  Singapore started opening up in phases, we made a plan to meet and eat some yummy food at Walking On Sunshine which is an amazing Cafe-Salon right in the heart of the city. Yes, it’s a salon too and you can get your hair repaired and styled there.

Walking On Sunshine

What a lovely name and the ambiance makes you feel as if you are in a garden with so many plants around you. Most of these plants are real. That makes this cafe look and feel very beautiful.

So on a weekday evening we friends decided to meet here.

Glad to see that they have maintained the place very clean and all the Covid-19 safety protocols are in place.

When you visit Walking On Sunshine, be ready to click lots of photos because there are many Instagram-worthy places. This car couch in particular you just can’t miss!


Food Options


I had visited Walking On Sunshine before also but didn’t have the food that time. So I was curious to try out the dishes.

They have quite a comprehensive menu consisting of drinks, bites, Pizzas, Pastas and Mains. Vegetarians like me, fret not, there are options for you too.

Signature Coconut Coffee Smoothie

I am not a coffee person but I am a fan of Coconut so decided to try this signature drink and I must say that it was a good decision.


Light, smooth and delish concoction of fragrant coconut and pure espresso is how I will describe it. The taste of coffee is not overwhelming and a tea lover like me actually loved it. That coconut flavor adds a different zing altogether to this smoothie.

This blended mixture of special and fregrant coconut with ice cubes and topped with a shot of pure espresso is something that you should order and while chatting with friends slowly sip and enjoy.


We also ordered Souffle Pancake and some other signature drinks.


We were meeting after so many months and that’s why our talks were endless. While chatting and chatting we felt hungry and it was time to relish the mains.


Overall, I will say that Walking On Sunshine is a great place to hangout with friends and family. The whole place exudes green vibes and if you want to get pampered then there’s a salon too.


The food is made fresh after your order and I don’t mind a bit of a waiting time. The ingredients used are quality and quantity is quite filling. The dishes are tasty. Value for money definitely.

Next time when you are craving for some interesting conversations over equally interesting food, please check out Walking On Sunshine.


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