Interview Feature of Shub by the_Womum

The Womum is a blogging platform dedicated to The Wo(man) M(um) who on one hand balances her crown and on other hand makes the world go around! I am so proud to be featured on it. This came at such a right time when we all reeling from the effects of #Covid-19 and more motivation is needed to keep going. Thanks!

Here’s the full script of the complete interview:

The time we are all going through is tough and there can be no better way to handle this situation than getting some inspiration.

Today we are in conversation with one of the famous mom bloggers and KOLs who is mom of two adorable kids,a doting wife, founder of RainbowDiaries, voted amongst top 20 bloggers in Singapore.

Introducing the gorgeous “Shubhada Bhide”

Let’s hear it from the lady herself.

Q: Tell us something about you,which we have not read  about on your blogs yet?

A: Most of the things I have revealed one way or the other on the blog. If I still have to reveal some secrets then they must be the facts that I am an Animal Lover and had 14 pet cats at a time a few years ago. And yes, I met my hubby on the first day of my job and No, it wasn’t love at first sight for me!

Q: What is your Biggest achievement?

A: Success is an ongoing process and I would like to believe that the biggest and the best is yet to come. But yes, overall, whatever I achieved on personal and professional front is after striving hard and continuously working for it.

Q: Can women Have it all?

A: Hell yes! Women can have it all and more. Women are naturally effective multi-taskers and impossible is nothing for them. I have always believed that marriage, motherhood should not stop the growth of you as a human. In fact, these phases should enrich you to flourish more.

Q: What is your advice for fellow mom bloggers and mompreneurs like you?

A: Be original! By copying someone’s content and ideas you can’t make it truly big. Share your experiences and work passionately to make your blog or socials really worth reading for your blog and IG family. We all are special and unique in our own ways and just remember that. Also, there is no need to indulge in the rat race and yes, importantly, do not make Money as the sole reason why you blog or do any other business. Give your best and the money will come in automatically.

Thanks Team- the_womum for this cool feature and recognizing our hardwork behind RainbowDiaries.

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