Getting musical with Aureus Academy

A few months back we started our Music Learning Journey with Aureus Academy and it’s really getting interesting now. Read more about Shrihaan’s little next steps.


Reasons for choosing Aureus Academy:

A quick recap of the reasons why we chose Aureus Academy among all the music schools were these and I’m so happy to say that it proved to be a great decision.

  • I had heard some real good words about Aureus Academy from a few of my friends. This positive Word of Mouth is one of the main reasons why we chose Aureus Academy.
  • I found their locations very convenient. When the kid has to music lessons after school, I definitely wanted to make it easier and happier for him. Conveniently located around 11 places in Singapore, Aureus Academy makes music a really pleasant experience.
  • Aureus Academy provided us with a choice of Piano lessons or Violin or Vocal. We wanted to enroll Shrihaan for vocal since he likes to sing. Teacher assessed him and she found him suitable to learn vocal.

What happens during the lesson?

I love the overall ambiance and conducive environment that Aureus Academy provides. Their color scheme that consists of sunny yellow itself makes kids happier and then they are ready to immerse in the magical world of music.

Individual rooms where teacher teaches each kid on 1-on-1 basis are equally vibrant and clean.


I have met Shrihaan’s teacher Ms. Mitzi a few times. She is a great teacher who ensures that kids are understanding the concepts of music and learning at their best pace.

Shrihaan has a melodious voice and he sings quite well so far. What he has to work on is his stage presence and he has to have more fun when he sings on the stage. That’s my candid feedback as a mom that I conveyed to the teacher.

Ms. Mitzi told me that at Aureus Academy they focus on the basics of Music first. So accessing the range of the kid’s voice and then singing the songs is roughly the sequence. Teachers provide valuable tips and mould the kids as per their individual range. I totally agree with this approach.

Shrihaan’s concert performance at Aureus Academy

Aureus Academy is all about encouraging students and giving them platform to perform and showcase their talent.


They regularly conduct concerts for the students. Parents, friends all can attend and it’s very happening! Shrihaan has already performed in his first concert with Aureus Academy and voila, it was such an amazing memory for the little boy and his parents.

As a parent, I simply loved listening to all young ones. Talking about my son, I won’t share as a mom what I felt because that’ll be all mushy-mushy. But from a third party perspective, I loved his sincerity, focus and how he continued for 5 full minutes without forgetting or stopping. The songs were not that easy I must say. Example: A whole new world from Aladdin and You got a Friend in me from Toy Story. He sang pretty well and improvements are needed when it comes to retaining the voice quality while singing high notes and to adding some more fun and audience interaction while on stage.

For the first timer, Shrihaan’s performance was commendable and kudos to Aureus Academy for all their efforts. This concert was indeed music to our ears.


Here’s a snippet of Aureus Academy’s music concert.

We are so looking forward to the next phase of Shrihaan’s Music lessons with Aureus Academy.

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