Mopping made super-easy with Leifheit Profi Mop W/ Bucket Set

I love gadgets and appliances especially the ones that are not too much fuss and easy-to-use because those make life simpler for busy moms like me. Just recently I discovered Leifheit Profi Mop W/ Bucket Set L55076 and now mopping my home and keeping it spotlessly clean has become so much easier.

Read on to find out more about Leifheit Profi Mop W/ Bucket Set L55076


Mopping isn’t a nightmare

Well, generally it is actually like a nightmare because there is too much of bending down, too much of dirtying your hands and too much of touching dirty mop. But with Leifheit Profi Mop W/ Bucket Set, it’s as easy as saying 1,2,3

Can you mop keeping your hands clean and without bending down? Yes, with Leifheit Profi Mop W/ Bucket Set, it’s very much possible.

Leifheit Mop Press Profi Set comes with a Profi Bucket with press attachment and the Floor Wiper Profi micro duo. Watch this video and see how I simply loosen the wiper cover from the holder with a quick press of my foot, press and dry it with a gentle pressure on the press and done! The wiper is as dry as if wrung out by hand. Floors are dry in a jiffy.

What’s in it and Features of Leifheit Profi Mop W/ Bucket Set

Well, Leifheit is a well-known brand and for over 60 years it has been one of the leading suppliers of household goods in Europe. Millions of people trust the brand. Whether for cleaning, laundry care or in the kitchen, Leifheit’s high-quality products and system solutions offer great helping hand to moms and families.

  • Set includes Mop Press Profi with rollers and Floor Wiper Profi Micro Duo with 3-part handle
  • 360° movable wiper joint for cleaning in wavy lines Floor wiper with flexible joint for hassle-free cleaning of hard to reach areas e.g. under cupboards, furniture or beds Fold-around wiper cleans corners and edges in one movement
  • 3-year guarantee
  • Includes integrated rollers for easy moving – no need to lug heavy buckets of water
  • Powerful duo-fiber wiper cover made of microfiber with raised bristles for highly effective cleaning
  • Power press system – allows for comfortable mop wringing without bending down or wetting your hands
  • Volume: 8 litres
  • Large wiping width of 42cm that allows you to save time mopping

My Review based on our experience of Leifheit Profi Mop W/ Bucket Set L55076

Functionality, Great classy Design, High quality and Ease of Use are 4 main points why I am loving our Leifheit Profi Mop W/ Bucket Set L55076.

  • Though the price is in a higher bracket, it’s complete value for money and lets not forget 3-year warranty that it comes with. It’s definitely not your ordinary usual mop you see! It’s sleek appearance gives a face-lift to your home cleaning process for sure.
  • It’s suitable for all types of flooring. I have tried it for mopping our wooden flooring too and it works really well.
  • Leifheit Profi Mop W/ Bucket Set L55076 includes integrated rollers that make moving the bucket from one room to another a dream. No need to carry.
  • Mop wringing is so much convenient with the Power press system – No more bending down or wetting and dirtying hands
  • The excellent, highly flexible 360° swivel joint enables effective wiping in wavy lines and wipes effortlessly around table and cabinets. Even below the beds cleaning can be achieved.

Mopping is like kids’ play with Leifheit Profi Mop W/ Bucket Set because there is no need to carry buckets, dirty your hands and it’s very easy to move the bucket from one place to another easily with the in-built rollers. In fact. it’s fun to mop together with kids.

Leifheit Profi Mop W/ Bucket Set is available in Tangs, Lazada, Shopee and on website. Do check out and you won’t regret it!


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12 thoughts on “Mopping made super-easy with Leifheit Profi Mop W/ Bucket Set”

  1. Wow… Life is so easy with this mops. Love the fact that it doesn’t need so much of bending and also not getting our hands dirty. Wanna have this for my home.

  2. The Leifheit Profi Mop seems really effective in taking the drudgery out of mopping. Any convenience is always welcome at the home and cleaning is one where all the help is welcome.

  3. Noor Anand Chawla

    This mopping set will surely make our home cleaning routine easier. The design is also quite nice. I will look into the product.

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