Cut the Crop and Cut the Crap – two things for a better #MomLife

Cut the crop and cut the crap!!! These two things help you immensely when you are feeling that you are stuck in the rut. Each of us stringently follows the routine of work, school, home religiously and it can get very monotonous. One of the ways to break the barriers of boredom is CUT THE CRAP – we should really pause and think how are we spending our time and what are we spending it on? Are you doing things that are really not too productive or you are not gaining anything out of it? Are you in a company of people who are not motivating you to do better or in fact giving you a lot of negative vibes? Then it’s time to cut the crap. Free yourself of these obstacles and your mind will feel so much lighter. This is something you have to try and to practise regularly. Second way is relatively simple and it gives your face an instant boost and to your confidence too.

Read on more about my recent experience of Cut the Crop at Focus Hairdressing Chinatown.

For me, one of the most important things about beauty is effortlessness. There is no point in spending 1347 hours in front of the mirror to look beautiful. What I love about salons like Focus Hairdressing is the fact that they keep things simple and straightforward. They understand customer requirements and suggest. I don’t find them hard selling or false-praising.

So that day, I went to them with a requirement of color and cut. I wanted to get a nice haircut because my hair are weird and start acting more and more stubborn, rough every now and then. Also, there is an issue of hereditary grey. So time to cut the crop!

Before hair cut, it’s hair color. Organic color OWAY stands for Organic Way. It’s nourishing ammonia-free coloring system contains biodynamic and organic oils and is activated with a fluid developer based on illipè butter. Focus Hairdressing’s this offering suits my sensitive scalp well and it also doesn’t have that typical, strong smell of chemicals.

Apply, leave for 30 mins, wash and done! Hair felt and looked rejuvenated.

When it comes to hair cut, my hair pose lots of restrictions – you can’t thin them because then they will grow like an unruly grass later. Can’t cut them too short because they will look very moppy and I will look like lion. Sigh! Jane suggested me to cut the ends 1-2 inches shorter, give them some short layers in the front. She said that this will make me look a bit different and smarter. Importantly, easy to manage and in the morning rush hour, there’s no need to spend too much time. This is EXACTLY what I wanted.

Here’s the final result!

Thanks Jane and Ken from Focus Hairdressing for taming my mane.

Do tell me what are your tricks for a better #MomLife

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