Multi-purpose Boxes by Ador

I am forever looking for better storage solutions for my home. Reason 1: I have 2 school-going kids who keep collecting God-alone-knows-what-all-items. Reason 2: I myself keep accumulating God-alone-knows-what-all-items. In such situation, Ador Drop Front Storage Boxes is my true savior!

Well, I have used it as a Shoe Box too but it’s multi-functional and I can literally store anything and everything in these amazing boxes…


It’s a wonderful companion for my shoes. Protects them and stacks them nicely.


For safe storage of kids books, Ador Drop front Storage box works really well. It’s easy to organize different types of books in different boxes.


Cables, Tools and other miscellaneous stuff generally keeps lying all over the place and makes the home look very untidy. I have started placing this in Ador Drop Front Storage Boxes. Looks cool and no mess!

Watch this video to know more about Ador Drop Front Storage Boxes:

Liking these smart Drop Front Storage Boxes already? Get them here.

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11 thoughts on “Multi-purpose Boxes by Ador”

  1. These are some brilliant storage options for better storage. I like to keep things very prim and proper in house so certainly a solution for my peace of mind.

  2. Storage boxes are always so handy around the house. These look really cute and would surely help in getting stuff organized. I can see that they are really versatile too.

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