{Review} Ojoy A1 SmartWatch Phone – Be connected with your kids always

My boy is a gadget freak just like his Dad and Mom and he never says no to try out new app or new technology or new device. We are not new to Smartwatch Phones. When Ojoy came on my review table, I (and boy) were keen to find out the value-adds this SmartWatch Phone does when it comes to keeping connected with your kids. We are quite happy with the features, performance and style of Ojoy A1 SmartWatch Phone and definitely will recommend it to parents.

Let me give you the rundown on the main features of Ojoy and why you should consider getting one for your kiddo.

Well, watch this short YouTube video and you will know what’s unique about Ojoy A1 SmartWatch phone.

Yes, as you can see – Ojoy A1 SmartWatch phone is WATERPROOF! That’s the USP that will attract kids to it and even parents because kids can wear it even while swimming.

Ojoy A1 SmartWatch phone has lots of features and that makes the watch really a high-quality one.

  • The interface of the watch is very easy to navigate and kids will learn it instantly.
  • The body of the watch is sturdy and colors are pleasing. It’s resistant against water splashes, sweat, cosmetics, dust, and more.
  • Yes, it’s Waterproof!
  • Ojoy A1 SmartWatch Phone has an app and parents can monitor every activity via this app. App is available for iOS and Android both.
  • Kids can send and receive messages to parents and friends. Voice messaging can be up to 60 seconds at a time. Messages can be in text, picture, emoji formats.

  • OJOY A1 SmartWatch phone tracks your child’s steps throughout the day. When kids achieve their goals, the Kido character inside will gradually upgrade to different levels.
  • Using the app, you can set up important events in the calendar and that’s a good tool to keep track of their school and extra-curricular activities. In fact you can reward them with stickers.
  • Your kids can check up forecasts and conditions on their watch and also receive serve weather alerts.
  • Alarm, stopwatch and more such essentials are a part of Ojoy A1 SmartWatch phone.
  • Other features include: Camera, Add Friend, Task, Magic box, Magic School and so on.

All in all, Ojoy A1 SmartWatch phone has been a joy for my boy! Do check out their website for more info.


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5 thoughts on “{Review} Ojoy A1 SmartWatch Phone – Be connected with your kids always”

  1. That’s a fantastic product. I like that it is water resistant. And so many cool features! Also I like the name 🙂

  2. Totally impressed with the features of Ojoy A1 SmartWatch Phone. And it is so great that it is waterproof. Kids can wear it anywhere they go. 🙂

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