Review of Our cool new gadgets from Oaxis Official

Being an IT professional, we are kind of gadget freaks. We as a family love to explore new gadgets not just as a user but also from the perspective of Technical review. Currently we are exploring this innovative gadget haul from Oaxis Official and I must say that they are cool!


myFirst Fone S2 – The ultimate modern 3G Smartwatch for modern kids and peace of mind for parents

I am going to recommend you all to check this out right away. My son has been using it for quite a few months and I haven’t find any flaws in this gadget. Let me list down some points why we are loving it and using it regularly:



  1. Stylish look and feel – Now a days, even a 5-year old knows what’s style is all about. myFirst Fone S2 looks cool and my son instantly liked it. If it looked like a toy or some cheap watch, he would have straightaway rejected it. We got black color for him but pink and blue colors are awesome too.
  2. Powered by 3G network – It’s fast and makes receiving and sending voice memos or calls with a single push.
  3. One-Touch SOS – As a parent, we all never ever want to use this feature. But lets be real. myFirst Fone S2 can send distress signals through an integrated SOS button. Once activated, parents will receive an emergency location alert with a 30s live recording of surrounding sounds.
  4. Location Tracking – My son has a habit of exploring surroundings in public places like when we go to the mall. It scares us a lot. But with myFirst Fone S2’s advanced GPS, WiFi and GSM, it’s easy for parents to accurately and conveniently track the kids.
  5. Data Encryption – All location data are protected with a 128-bit encryption algorithm, so you can be sure the information is only accessible by you. S2 also blocks out calls from unauthorized numbers. As an IT person, I give thumbs-up to this feature.
  6. Geo Fencing – Preset safety zones for your kids by highlighting geo-locations in the iOS or Android app. Oh yes, myFirst Fone S2 has a companion app and it works seamlessly with the SmartWatch.
  7. Get Healthy features – This is one gadget that encourages kids to walk, run and measures their steps. It’s very good to see when my son shows me how many steps he walked in a day.
  8. Class mode – My boy wears it in his school. To avoid any kind of distractions, we have activated Class Mode.


Get myFirst Fone S2 here.

Tenvis HR – Smart Wearable band with BPM Heart rate monitor

This is for me! Being sedentary for the most part of the day, I totally have lost track of fitness, sleep and so on. Tenvis HR comes very handy to monitor these details.

Prominent features:

  • Inbuilt USB Charger – I find this one of the best features of Tenvis HR. No need to maintain a separate charger.
  • Color OLED 0.96″ Display – Clear and attractive
  • 3 axis G Sensor
  • Fatigue Tester, Sleep Mode and
  • Weekly Health Report – so much needed for busy people like us
  • Optical heart rate sensor
  • Touch Key Interface
  • IP67 Rating Water Resistance
  • 14 Days Battery Life

I would call it as a hassle-free, fuss-free bracelet that delivers what it is meant for.

Get Tenvis HR here.

myFirst Sketch – Doodle pad for smart kids


Okay, my daughter made it clear that it’s going to be hers forever and only for 5-minutes, I was granted access to it. Actually, I won’t blame her because myFirst Sketch is an amazing multi-purpose Liquid Crystal Doodle pad that is equally attractive for all ages. In fact, I am considering to get 3 more for all of us. Hubby can use it for his sketches and Son can use it for his alphabets practice and I can use to it to mind-map my blog content.


My daughter is using it for every possible task – solving Maths equations, drawing, practising English essays and so on. The stylus is fine tip and doodles with precision.

Price is super-affordable and it’s available in several sizes and colors.

Get myFirst Sketch here.

Do check out myFirst Fone S2, Tenvis HR and myFirst Sketch. Am sure that you’ll find them innovative and value-for-money just like my family.


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13 thoughts on “Review of Our cool new gadgets from Oaxis Official”

  1. Even I am from IT sector and I am obsessed with gadgets. I am really amazed by this 3G watch. It has got tremendous features. I think my son would love it. Thanks for the review.

  2. That smart watch for kids is the best thing a parent could buy! It looks stylish and not at all cheap! It has tracking options and calling and sos options! It’s just amazing!

  3. These gadgets look awesome. I loved the smart watch for kids, it is loaded with helpful features. Thanks for sharing the detailed information.

  4. Noor Anand Chawla

    Both these gadgets look fabulous. I am especially interested in the smart watch for kids. I will check it out. Thank you for sharing.

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