My 3-point Guide for Gogoprint online printing service

We all have some or the other printing requirements – whether personal, corporate or business. Finding a reliable printer is not that straightforward. Also, for an “online” person like me who loves to get things done on-the-go; visiting printing service providers, checking and comparing their rates and work; is a tedious and time-consuming job. I had exhausted of my name cards and wanted some stickers etc. for our #SocialMediaMomSG events and just in the nick of the time, I found Gogoprint printing service in Singapore!

Gogoprint is #1 Online Printing Company in Singapore and Southeast Asia as their website says. I do agree because the quality of the products and the quality of the service I received is definitely perfect!


Look at the wide range of printing Gogoprint can do. Impressive!

My 3-point Guide to get the most from Gogoprint:

Just 3 points? Yes, because it’s that simple to get your printing requirements fulfilled with Gogoprint. Read on to find out how.

  • Take the full advantage of Online –

Remember I am a Social Media Mom and like to get my tasks done O N L I N E whenever and wherever I can. Just like many of you, am also busy and try to save my time and energy and yes, money. Name cards is something I need because as a blogger / Influencer, I meet lots of people and passing the name card is necessary.

Just the other day, someone was asking me how to design a name card? It’s a good question and can be a challenge too. Not all know Adobe tools or Publisher etc. and end up spending pretty much amount on getting the design done by a Pro.

Gogoprint to the rescue! Though I used IT tools to come up with my design, I could have easily chosen a readymade template available of Gogoprint website. I must say that the designs are cool and likeable.


  1. Visit
  2. Choose your product
  3. Upload design OR choose from the readymade templates
  4. Complete your order

It’s that simple with Gogoprint. This convenience is what matters me the most.


ONE feature I have to mention without fail and that is how affordable it gets when you are ordering on Gogoprint. Check this:


If you are in a hurry, you can opt for a slightly higher charges and if you are on a tight budget, save some $$$s by settling for a later date. I loved this feature.

If you are confused about the look and feel of the final product, do watch the videos to get an idea of what you are ordering. Example: for me, I wanted to know the exact difference between glossy and matte or how rounded corners vs. rectangle looks like and so on.


Do you know Gogoprint has more than 50 Products, more than 250 Papers & Materials, countless standard and custom formats and more than 60 Other Options when it comes to Printing? Name Cards, labels, Stickers, T-shirts, Calendars, Flyers, Posters, Envelopes, Customized stuff – you literally name it and they can print it for you!

  • Sit back and let Gogoprint guys do their job –

Alrite, my order went through in a jiffy with Gogoprint’s swift Online features. My next doubt was: How will it turn out to be? I had completed the transaction totally online and had my doubts like – whether my design is correct? how it will look when printed? will it be blurry?

Well, Gogoprint has this alert service so that you don’t miss any updates.


I got a call from them when the specs I had mentioned in my order were slightly conflicting. They explained me and helped me to correct. Thanks.

  • Receive and utilize your products –

The delivery was super-prompt! On the mentioned date, a neat package arrived with my name cards and stickers! Yay, no mess, no delay, no confusion.

My stickers where my website logos are printed. Colors are just the way they should be and glue of the sticker is of good quality. They stick properly.


and my name cards…

I have blurred my personal details of course in this pic. But the paper is thick, smooth and classy. Again, the colors and fonts are printed EXACTLY as per my design. No alterations at all. Good job, Gogoprint!


I will recommend Gogoprint for your printing requirements! Do check more info about them below.

Website | Tips and Tricks for Artwork


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  1. Online services are really good for us. And i liked the point that they have the option of settling later. With this they would attract more business.

  2. Gogoprint sounds like a perfect solution to all our printing needs. Loved your visiting cards. Good to know they have all kinds of printing services.

  3. With more than 50 products and so many materials available, this online printing service indeed rocks. The stickers and cards looked perfect. Glad that they have lots of designs which can help in designing the type you wish to.

  4. Sounds a wonderful online printing service. It’s time that we need such a portal which helps right from designing to printing and delivering in an efficient manner.

  5. Noor Anand Chawla

    Wow this makes the annoying errand of printing seem so easy! I am very impressed with everything this website has to offer. Thank you for sharing this information.

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