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2018 Bye, Looking forward to 2019

I don’t do throwback much. The only exception is to take stock of the year as far as my Social Media adventures are concerned. So here’s a quick account and some interesting things that happened.

Year of Learning:

Every year teaches you something new and this was the year of learning for me. Change was the constant thing throughout 2018. While I was wondering about some lost opportunities on personal and blog / influencer front and why I must have missed them, there were some new avenues which were totally unexpected opened up the doors for me!

Moral of the story – Trust God, have faith in your capabilities and keep going!

Documenting here some of the exciting happenings of 2018 for RainbowDiaries.


We were among the chosen few who were invited to visit Resorts World Genting at Malaysia and its attractions for the whole family. Amazing weather, beautiful hotel, yummy food and so many things to do. It was a memorable trip!

Read my reasons why you must visit Resorts World Genting here.

We played with the Sun and the Sand before a few months in Montigo Resorts Nongsa in Indonesia. Vast expanse of Seas, Scenic Villas, pampering Spa and Foodie heaven – Montigo Resorts is another place that Singapore families must visit. Read more about it here.


We also went Camping with Pets and had a quick but Fun staycation with our Grandma at Orchard Rendezvous Hotel. While I will write more about our Outdoor camp soon, all the info about Orchard Rendezvous Hotel can be found on this link.

Aesthetic Health and Beauty Treatments:

I am always open to try out the technological wonders that benefit our health and beauty. Along side some of the best facials, hair, massage and slimming treatments from TOP-notch brands of Singapore, I also got my Dental Implants done! It was like a project and spanned across a few months.

Dr. Gerald Tan of Elite Dental Group is a magician when it comes to the most advanced Dental Implant treatments and am so glad that he did it for me. I have shared about this experience here. Do read especially if you have certain fear about Dental Treatments.

Another magic happened in the form of Ortho-K for my daughter. We got the treatment from the best name in Singapore – Titus Eye Care.

For kids and adults with myopia, Ortho-K or Orthokeratology is a boon. Imagine wearing your lens only in the night while you sleep and whole day you don’t have to wear your glasses AT ALL?! Unbelievable but true. If you want to embark the journey of Ortho-K, check out this link.


We love to eat. Cheers to all the good food we ate during 2018. Some of the gastronomic delights we tasted include Pavilion Banana Leaf, Alt Pizza, Pratawala, Vegan Burg, Shutters at Hotel Amara Sanctuary and so on.

Awards, Accolades and Knowledge sharing sessions

Who doesn’t like them? Awards and accolades validate the good job you are doing and motivate you to do even better.

Ahem ahem, not bad at all, isn’t it?

RainbowDiaries is stoked to be associated as a Social Media Partner with Zak Salaam India Expo which is one of the biggest, the oldest and the best Shopping Extravaganza of Singapore.

I have done it hundreds of times as a part of my job but on the blogosphere, this was my first time. I did 2 knowledge sharing sessions this year.

First was the Parenting Panel at Zak Salaam India Expo’s 24th Edition where I had a heart-to-heart chat with my Momtribe.

Second session was an online AMA session with DoctorXDentist. Wow! amazing questions people asked. Happy to help them to get rid of the fear of dental implants.

Sharing knowledge increases your own knowledge, I truly believe it. It was a joy working on these 2 sessions. Hoping for more such opportunities to host panels, conduct workshops and seminars in 2019.

Mom N Me Fashionista and Launch of SocialMediaMomSG.com

This was completely not on agenda at all. I have been doing events for fellow Indians in Singapore for quite some years through my FB group “SINdiapore” but who would have thought that Mom N Me Fashionista – our signature event will rock its season 3 this way? Telecasted on TV too!

Managing an event with close to 350 people when your initial estimate is 100 pax was such an enlightening experience. Fortunately with my amazing ladies Kavita and Sara we managed to pull it off well. I was less bundle of nerves and more calm during this event somehow. Big learning again.

The encouragement and appreciation from the Momtribe made us launch a separate women-centric site SocialMediaMomSG.com. Lets see how it shapes up.

Global collabs

When you are online, there are no boundaries of countries and if your content is worthy enough, people across the world will lap it up.

It was a pleasant surprise to be a part of some prestigious campaigns from the other side of the world. Check out below:

  • Seniority.in
  • India Gate Basmati Rice


I love to try out and review products and services that can be helpful for all our readers. Here is the list of some noteworthy and novel reviews that RainbowDiaries did this year:

Gaston Luga Classy Backpack

Sudio Tre Earphones

Plano App for Myopia control

TireCare Revival Kit for Cars

Moneysmart.sg for choosing the right credit card

Parenting haul with Shopee

Family Time!

Despite all busy in their own worlds – Kids in their school life and Mom-Dad in office, I must say we managed to have good time. We took short vacations, watched movies, did some fun activities together and enjoyed ourselves whenever and wherever we can.

We brought some great giveaways for our virtual family because we believe that sharing is caring!

2018 was a Teacher! Taught me to find the way through obstacles with patience and faith, explore the paths different than the usual and to be receptive and ready. I’m very curious to see how 2019 unfolds.

Plans for 2019?! Nah, I don’t really make plans. Let almighty decide them for me and I will follow. Amen!

Here’s wishing all of you my dear friends a very Happy, Lucky and Splendid 2019.

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  1. Your ortho K for myopia was a very helpful post. I will be checking with my doc about it.2018 was awesome for you. Hope it’s even better in 2019

  2. Firstly Happy New Year dear . Seems like you had an amazing and fun-filled year. Hope new year will bring more joy and prosperity.

  3. Wow, you definitely had a great year. Be it professionally or personally, you seem to have achieved your goals. Great going. Good luck for the new year too.

  4. Seems like you had an amazing year! Family, fun, travel, beauty… A perfect combination!
    And thank you for sharing about ortho K, i don’t like wearing specs all the time, will check it out!

  5. Noor Anand Chawla

    Happy new year to you! Seems like you had a wonderful year, and I hope 2019 continues to be wonderful for you and your family.

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