Mouth Freshener, Sanitizers, Stevia and Cooking Spray – What am I talking about?

Puzzled by the title of this post? Actually, we just found some cool products and can’t wait to share more about them with you. Now the range that we have found is all about taking care of your health and it has all the products that are listed in the title. Lets go and find out more about each one of them.

Breathe Herbal Mouth Freshener

In India, we have this Mukhwas concept which is an-after meal snack or digestive aid that is widely use as a mouth freshener to keep bad breathe away. This traditional Mukhwas AKA breath freshener now comes in the form of Breathe Herbal Fresh Spray. Oh yes, it’s actually an Ayurvedic proprietary medicine & comes in 3 different flavors such as :-

  • PEPPERMINT – keeps bad breath away
  • MESWAK – removes bad breath & odour from mouth
  • PAAN – refreshes  breath


Breathe Herbal Mouth Freshener is for oral care and for keeping the mouth fresh by keeping the bad breath away. We love its compact shape and the fact that it can be carried anywhere – when you are going out for social event, or having important function, meeting or anywhere when you are travelling.


Importantly, Breathe Herbal Mouth Freshener is:







‘O’ The Toilet Seat Sanitizer

This is a MUST MUST product and we use it regularly whenever we visit public toilets. Imagine the kind of germs that must be loitering on those public toilet seats and how they can affect us!!! Ewww, NO we say to them. O The Toilet Seat Sanitizer that kills upto 99.9% germs is an essential that you should carry in your travel bag.


It contains Tree Tea Oil because it is a natural anti-septic, anti-microbial, anti-fungal agent and smells great. Don’t suffer from UTI and get O The Toilet Seat Sanitizer for you, we would say. It disinfects you seat within 10 seconds of spray. Tree Tea acts as natural deodorizer agent and the toilet seat is clean and safe to use.

Where to Use:

Toilet seat, Taps , Washroom handles, Flush handles, Door Knobs, Toilet floor

‘O’ the Hand Sanitizer


Sanitizers are better alternatives to wash hands instead of soap and water. ‘O’ the hand sanitizer is enriched with moisturizer and kills 99.9% Germs. We have made using ‘O’ hand sanitizer as one of a routine to stop the impact of spreading illness & germs to other.


  • is perfect for travelling and carry in your hand bag.

  • disinfectes your hands of germs instantly

  • kills 99.9% germs

    Just Rub over palms, fingers and back of hands in till dry.

Ray Sugar Naturally Sweet 99.8% Pure Stevia Extract

Too much sugar is a silent killer. But sugar has been a part of our diet always so how to control it? How to take care of health and still don’t sacrifice the sweet taste? So we are currently trying out Ray Sugar Naturally Sweet 99.8% Pure Stevia Extract. It is zero calories and is naturally sweet with 99.9% pure stevia Extract.


Ray Sugar Naturally Sweet 99.8% Pure Stevia Extract does not contain Lactose, Maltodextrin, Dextrose, Saccharin , Aspartame and Sucrose.

It has no side effects

No Bitter After-Taste

Zero Calories and Glycemic Index

Suggested For Calorie Conscious People and Diabetic



Ray Sugar Naturally Sweet 99.8% Pure Stevia Extract can used in both hot and cold beverages.

Ray Cooking Spray

Frankly speaking, we also tried this concept for the first time. Now we find it very convenient to use while cooking vegetables. Ray Cooking Spray spreads evenly on food and cost evenly. It doesn’t become overly greasy or leave the food soggy either.


Ray Cooking Spray is best for tossing a bit of flavor into your pasta, salad or even while cooking food . We use it on cooking pan for frying up or lightly sauteing some veggies.

  • Ray Cooking Spray controls your calories intake with a unique and precise spray.
  • 2 cals per spray!!! How cool is that…
  • Reduces fat content in food by 80%
  • Reduces oil consumption to 1/10th
  • Pure natural oil only
  • No preservatives
  • Recommended for high cholesterol, obesity
  • Can be used for everyday cooking.




Available on,

So, have you tried these cool innovative products? Do try and share with us your experiences.

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  1. These products are interesting! I just gave birth and I am also using products like hand held fabric softener and detergents which allow me to wash baby’s clothes conveniently. I get them from a free goodie bag from Cradle of Love.

  2. The products featured here are quite interesting and innovative. I specially loved the oil spary – sprinkle just a little and stop worrying about the calories.
    Mouth fresheners seems fresh flavors.

  3. These products are good. I like the hand sanitizer because it’s small and easy to carry in my handbag. I used to carry the bottle type.

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