Renaissance Johor Bahru Hotel – Staycation as great as vacation

When did you last went for your vacation? For us, it’s like 100 years back we took our last vacation…Okay, exaggeration but the fact remains that long time we didn’t go anywhere out of Singapore. Why??? Hubby busy in projects, girl having her exams so we had no choice but be here! The moment we got some breather, we decided to whisk away the kids to a place which is at stone’s throw away from Singapore and yet it’s in a different country and where a short staycation meant as great as a vacation. I am talking about Renaissance Johor Bahru Hotel. What a short but sweet and luxurious stay we had there recently and we surely would like to visit again.

Why Johor Bahru is our go-to place?

It’s so near from Singapore and it has so many options to explore – shopping, food, beauty treatments, play and there’s is something for everyone and it’s definitely much cheaper in Singapore. Cost divided by 3!!!

We have been to Johot Bahru AKA JB quite a few times and always loved it.

Why Renaissance Johor Bahru Hotel?

For us, many reasons why we chose Renaissance Johor Bahru Hotel:

  • It’s in Johor Bahru and it’s so near to Singapore. Hop, Skip and you Jump into Renaissance.
  • Renaissance Johor Bahru Hotel is a 5-Star luxury and it comes with all those things that truly spell 5-Star. We wanted great ambiance, great food and equally great service. So obviously, 5-star hotel was needed. With kids, we all would prefer nothing but the best. Correct?
  • I had heard lots of great reviews about Renaissance Johor Bahru Hotel from friends.
  • We wanted staycation that will be for a weekend getaway.
  • Proximity of the hotel to other places like City Center, Johor Premium Outlets and LEGOLAND® Malaysia



When you enter the hotel premises, you already know that this is going to be exciting! The hotel building looks like a castle and lobby n reception area is so huge with tall ceiling.


Beware, looking at this, kids are bound to runnnn around. At least, my kids got very excited and look at that smile on hubby’s face…


Room, oh wow!!!

Ambiance, great! We were already looking forward to the next stop – that’s our room. There came the keys and we went on the 10th floor. Lobby towards the room again looked very stunning.


Will the room be as great? I had seen some pics on the website as such but sometimes in real, the rooms don’t look that fascinating…

OMG!!! Seriously? You made our day Renaissance Johor Bahru Hotel…


and this…


Those beds with red rose petals looked absolutely stunning and frankly speaking, I didn’t expect those choicest of the designer chocolates…Thanks The Chocolate Cake Company

Below picture summarizes our feelings. Jaw dropped.


How to stop when you see chocolates? There we go nom nom nom. Sorry kids didn’t wait to pose with chocalates. They gobbled them down.


I must say that rooms are impeccably furnished and they offer pillow-top bedding, contemporary bathrooms and modern technology. Oh, there’s flat-screen TV, free wi-fi and 24-hr Room Service.

I found the room and washroom were spotlessly clean and packed with pampering treats and accessories for all in the family.


From the room, we got this beautiful view of Johor Bahru. Quite an intriguing city.


After chilling in the room, having some silly fun and relaxing shower, we decided to explore the city center and malls. Little bits of munchies from Cafe BLD that fueled us.


I love shopping in Johor Bahru. There are some awesome and big malls in JB and offer great deals on groceries, clothes and kids stuff.

We went to a couple of malls, kids had fun playing and this mom did some shopping…Hubby “enjoyed” paying. LOL. Back to hotel and we had a good night’s sleep. But before that some pool time, photo time and for my artsy girl – some drawing time from the art materials she bought from JB…




Breakfast like a King at Renaissance Johor Bahru Hotel

Renaissance Johor Bahru Hotel offers sumptuous food options. We already had the taste of the goodies on the previous day and were waiting how the breakfast surprises us. Gawd, it did and what a spread.

  • Asian – check
  • Western – check
  • Indian – check
  • Desserts – check
  • Fresh fruits and juices – check
  • Cereals and kids friendly choices  – check
  • Vegetarian options – check
  • Live cooking stations – check

Renaissance Johor Bahru Hotel will please our tummies for for sure. You name the breakfast dish and I bet they would have it in all probabilities.






Dip in a pool, burn calories in the gym

What’s staycation if you don’t get to soak in the blue cool pool? Thank God, Renaissance Johor Bahru Hotel has an awesome swimming pool and well-equipped gym.




Prompt Service

The service at Renaissance Johor Bahru Hotel was flawless. Prompt answers to calls, humble and proactive approach towards customers and willingness to help made our stay very pleasant.

My Verdict ♥♥♥♥♥

Renaissance Johor Bahru Hotel is definitely a must-try option for staycations, business meetings and so on. Our stay there was truly memorable. When it comes to feedback, I trust my kids because their feedback is always honest and straight from the heart. After coming back to Singapore, they kept asking when are we going back to Renaissance Johor Bahru Hotel?

We would surely love to visit it again.

More about Renaissance Johor Bahru Hotel

Renaissance Johor Bahru Hotel

No. 2, Jalan Permas 11, Bandar Baru Permas Jaya  Johor Bahru  81750  Malaysia 


  • Café BLD
  • Wan Li Chinese Restaurant
  • Chocolate Cake Company
  • RBar
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  2. I remember staying at Renaissance JB before. Checked my blog and it was in 2013! How time flies. I am sure you had a great break from the hustle and bustle of Singapore city life. I remember I had a luxurious stay. I am sure you did too reading your article and browsing through your photos!!

  3. thank you for your recommendation. Im going to Johor this Nov. definitely will book this hotel for my stay, the hotel looks beautiful and clean.

  4. Staycations are the absolute best!! I’m glad you guys got a chance to get away for a few, we all need that! Your choice of place is absolutely stunning and I love that no matter how elegant it looks, it’s still family friendly. Great post!

  5. I really like the ambiance of this hotel. The foods looks so delicious and really tempting. Perfect for staycation. It seems that your kids really enjoy they’re staycation in Johor Bahru Hotel.

  6. Awesome, the welcome was so beautiful and the comfy look of the rooms and food added a big plus to the stay. It seems a perfect place for family bondings.

  7. Looks like you had a great stay in this hotel! The decor of the room is beautiful and those welcome goodies look divine! The breakfast look incredibly delicious!

  8. That Hotel sounds amazing! I love the welcome roses petals and the strawberries ! I also loved the breakfast set! So many delicious food! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  9. I had a summer vacation in April. If I knew this information sooner or later I would have come to this wonderful place. As you share the cost it’s cheap. Next year I will definitely check this place.

  10. Renaissance Johor Bahru Hotel sounds incredible and perfect for the family to stay. The food looks amazing and the rooms look clean and comfy. Looks like you guys had a great time.

  11. The Renaissance Joho Bahru hotel sound incredible and perfect for family stay! They really have everything for a great family weekend away! I will keep this hotel in mind for whenever we are passing by!

  12. Angela Ricardo Bethea

    It looks like a great hotel. The welcome rose petals looks so beautiful nice idea. I am sure that you really enjoy to stay in Johur Bahru hotel.

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