Though am a busy wife, mom and working woman, the wanderlust in me is always on the lookout for visiting new places. Malaysia has always been the magnet for me with its beautiful attractions. There’s so much to see and do in Malaysia. No wonder as they say, Malaysia is truly Asia! Recently, while I was researching a bit on the places to go in Malaysia, I stumbled upon this gem of a place called “Sekinchan”.

Wow, didn’t know that this small town packs so much amazement for any traveler. I am already planning to visit this place when my kids exams are over. You too read on and start planning to explore Sekinchan.

How to reach Sekinchan?

By road, there are various routes from KL and Singapore to reach Sekinchan. Bus is the best option and yes, you can always opt for a road trip.

Things to do in Sekinchan

Sekinchan is located in the West of Malaysia – a small town around 102km north of Kuala Lumpur. Sekinchan in chinese means a place suitable for farming / plantation. It’s straight on the Malacca Straits so there is abundance of sea and seafood. Land and Sea – one awesome combination that Sekinchan is blessed with.

  • • Eat variety of Seafood and fresh fruits
  • • Visit Paddy fields
  • • Check out local attractions like paddy factory and museum
  • • Relax on the Pantai Redang Beach
  • • Simply soak in the natural beauty and sea Breeze

Where to stay?

Whenever we start planning travel, the first thing that crosses my mind after the mode of transport is where to stay. Very important because as a family, we would love to stay in a place which is comfortable and makes me feel at home. Fortunately, Sekinchan offers some great options.

When you are out and about in Sekinchan, you can’t escape the need to extend your stay for several days. There are so many places to see, things to do and enjoy.

There’s no need to worry about accommodation in Sekinchan. You can find accommodation in sekinchan hotel online nowadays. Afterall, it’s the technology era so we better embrace it. Traveloka is one of the sites that gives out the best Sekinchan hotels of 2017 plus other hotel promotions you can avail of.

If you decided to stay at any of Sekinchan hotels, there are several attractions you can check out throughout the days ahead such as:

• Getting a little sun and seawater at Redang Beach

• Enjoying the mesmerizing glimmering lights at Kuala Selangor Fireflies

• Hop on to Ketam Island and have a dose of a shopping spree at Setia City Mall.

All attractions stated are located within 50-60 km radius from the hotels.

Shuang Yang Sekinchan Homestay 1, 2 and 3

Shuang Yang Sekinchan Homestay provides 3 units you can rent out throughout you stay. It is located at Sekinchan Perdana, this homestay provides the “home sweet home” vibe whenever you step inside. The house is made to feel like your own. The surrounding is familiar and the locals are friendly. The facilities provided for guests are well-equipped and manage to ensure guest are always comfortable throughout their stay.

A+ Boutique Hotel

A+ Boutique Hotel provides the best standard and double room to offer guests the perfect resting experience during their stay. The residence provides free Wi-Fi access so that you won’t miss out on any important message or work when you’re away on vacation. All rooms are fully air-conditioned, the hotel provides an elevator for easy access and 24-hour front desk to assist you in any way possible.

D’Bendang Homestay

Another homestay that will make you feel like home. What is the selling point of this homestay is the village scenes you will get every time you open the window. It really takes you back to experience the village life. The homestay is surrounded by paddy field – a perfect view for photos, right? If you are new to the village life, this can be a good experience for you. Don’t worry, it is fully air-conditioned with additional fans to ensure you won’t be swallowed by heat. You can find this homestay situated Sungai Sireh Tanjong Karang. Fresh air here at D’Bendang Homestay will surely freshen up your mind.

Laguna Sekinchan Homestay

Are you dying for a view of the beach? Longing to stay by the open sea where nothing stands in your point of view. Just you, the open sea and the bright blue sky. Situated at Sabak Bernam, Laguna Sekinchan Homestay will suit you nicely. It will deliver your expectations and more. Its simple design with a modern touch make you feel at home in an instant. It is also suitable for those who are traveling with predetermined budget. You can also receive free Wi-Fi access and LAN internet because we all know how important connection is nowadays, especially if you have a mountain of work to get to. The in-room facilities provided also receive a good nod with cable TV, desk, kitchenette, refrigerator, separate shower, and tub prepared.

All this sounds very exciting? For me, hell yes!!! While am writing it, am already packing for the trip in my mind, in my head. Where are you going for your next vacation? Sekinchan does seem to be a great choice. ♥

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  1. Sekinchan. I am hearing about it from you. Seems to be very much like Kerala because of rice plantation. A good place to visit for people staying in Singapore and Malaysia.

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