3 reasons why every blogger must have a Name Card and how Print-My-Stuff can help

For me, blogging is not my full-time job, it’s my hobby and passion but there are many fellow-bloggers who are blogging as a job or part-time job. When we consider anything as a job, namecard or business card is a must!

3 reasons why every blogger must have a business card?

You have namecard means you are serious about Blogging / Instagramming / You-tubing

You are taking what you do on social media seriously and there is professional approach to it. Your name-card speaks volumes about how you approach your work. Even if you are a part-timer, freelancer or an enthusiast like me, having a name-card makes an instant impact.

It’s a direct marketing tool to use when networking

As a blogger, you keep going places – literally! From local events to travels to beauty salons – anywhere and everywhere basically. Having a namecard helps immensely. You meet fellow bloggers or other media / PR / publication people and it’s great to meet and mingle with them. Many a times, after the event, we lose touch and they don’t remember you! Namecard comes handy in these situations and since it’s a hard copy, it stays with everyone.

Namecard makes the first impression of your blog / Instagram account / YouTube Channel

When you pass on your namecard to others, it gives a personal touch and makes first impression of your brand. If your namecard looks catchy, half the battle won! For me, this is the most important reason to have a namecard.

The question is: How to ensure that your namecard is professional and still not boring?!

There are many printing services available island-wide but I always prefer someplace that gives services that matches these 3 requirements:

  1. Swiftness and Professional attitude

  2. Great Quality

  3. Affordability

That’s why I chose Print-My-Stuff ♥ I must say that Print-My-Stuff does very well on all the parameters that I mentioned above! Having got my namecards from them recently, I can vouch for their service. They helped me to adjust the design a bit and also suggested to keep it colored on the other side.

I opted for Art Card w Matt Laminate – Full color Double side printing.

Read on to find out more about Print-My-Stuff and the services they offer.

Print-My-Stuff’s services:

This is a long list. You name it and they can do it for you.

· Namecard Printing
· Transparent Namecard Printing
· **NEW** Foil Namecard Printing
· Flyer / Brochure Printing
· Voucher Printing
· Sticker (Rectangle / Square) Label Printing
· Sticker (Round Shaped) Label Printing
· Invoice Pad / Receipt Book Printing
· Postcard Printing
· Envelope Printing
· Retail Label / Gift Tags Printing
· Photo Canvas Printing
· **NEW** Foil Sticker (Round Shaped) Label Printing
· Sticker (Heart Shaped) Label Printing
· Photobook Printing
· Paper Bag Printing
· Cap Printing
· T Shirt Printing
· Wedding Invitation Card Printing
· Wedding Photocard Printing
· L Shape Plastic Folder (Corporate Gift)
· Hand Fan (Corporate Gift)
· Membership Card Printing
· Table Calendar Printing
· Ang Bao Printing
· Poster Printing

Wow, this is very comprehensive.

Do you know that Print-My-Stuff is the ONLY Printing House in and around Singapore that provides Hologram cards printing? Click here and get 10% off by quoting RainbowDiaries.

Impressed? Then contact them and get yourselves a brand new identity with namecards that speak volumes about your brand.

Get in touch with Print-My-Stuff

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No clue about design and all? join this FB Group.

Print-My-Stuff’s majority of our customers are based in Singapore but they do accept Malaysia orders from JB and KL. So our readers from Malaysia, you can contact them as well.

So next time when we meet, lets exchange our namecards too. 🙂 🙂

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  1. Your card is really very pretty. I am also planning for such thing but before that I have to design my blog logo and many more things. Anyway thanks again for this helpful post. ???

  2. like your visiting card design …. seriously it is must these days… i am also planning to have business card soon..

  3. Safi@thebeautyinsideout

    Never thought of having one..may be I should get one. Love your cards, they look pretty cool 🙂

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