Afternoon Festive tea at this stunning place in Sentosa Island…

We all drink tea and afternoon tea especially to get refreshed…But when this drinking tea process takes the form of a festive tea and the place where you have it is absolutely superlative, the whole thing goes to a different level – zen!!! The experience becomes THE EXPERIENCE par excellence – one that is to be remembered for a long time..

I am going to share about Capella Singapore’s designer home-style kitchen, Chef’s Table and its Afternoon Tea. Read on and make your reservations for a beautiful culinary ride!

My mum was visiting us and since am a working mom, I hardly get any time to be with her. Glad that the media invite came at the right time so when I was on leave; decided to bring her to the Chef’s Table. My critic-cum-perfectionist mom thanked me tons for this later. Whoa, that means the Festive tea must be that that good. ♥

It was drizzling that day so already-beautiful-Capella was looking even more gorgeous! Capella hotel provides one of the best hotel experiences in Singapore. It’s a place where old and new fuse together in luxury. Curved, modern buildings gently intermingle with the colonial buildings and the verdant, vibrant rainforest spread over 30 acres of land. The South China Sea is just in the backyard.

Here’s the Chef’s Table – cool, cozy, classy

‘Tis the season to be jolly and Capella’s Chef’s Table was displaying its full Christmas glory – complete with Christmas House cakes. Aren’t they so adorable?

Chef’s Table presents a new dining concept breaking the epicurean frontier. You can savor irresistible epicurean fare prepared à la minute in the comforts of a home-styled kitchen. It’s truly a feast for the senses when we enjoy quality customized menus masterfully prepared in front of our eyes. The personal chef for the day creates a dazzling array of mouth-watering cuisine with impressive culinary finesse, utilizing only the freshest seasonal ingredients.

Chef’s Table at Capella Singapore offers a luxuriously appointed dining space for up to 14 persons, as well as a fully equipped designer kitchen.

Table is set – inviting you and gently igniting your craving for a great food.

It’s called as the “Afternoon Tea” so obviously there would be tea. In Chef’s Table, you decide which Tea you would like to drink – Jasmine Pearl or Himalayan or Milky Oolong. You can sniff and then decide. How nice! These are the things that convert the mere act of drinking tea into a ritual.

Our afternoon tea at Chef’s table was the perfect balance of specially curated sweet and savory delights. ♥♥♥

Simple Tart but perfectly baked, perfectly yummy.

Fish-lovers, you would agree that Salmon never looked so tempting. Being a vegetarian, I couldn’t eat it though I saw some happy faces around me.

Cranberry Scones – yum yum yum. Eat alone or with the premium jams and creams, they taste heavenly in every way. It helps that they are not overly sweet. Served fresh with that straight-out-of-the-oven fragrance!

These cuties were a bite-sized version of a burger and sandwich but loaded with taste.

Going bonkers with choices! Which one to start with OR should I eat all of them together? Choicest of pastries and cakes like:

  • Assorted Christmas Cookies
  • 70% Dark Chocolate Cheesecake with Gingerbread Crust
  • Lemon Tartlet with White Chocolate
  • Apricot Cardamom Chocolate Sacher


Presenting the freshly Baked Traditional Dundee with Dried Fruits Infused in Tea with Fresh Citrus Zest

The best part about the afternoon tea @ Chef’s table was that it didn’t make us feel heavy at all. It was gentle on stomach and loving for taste buds. The atmosphere is such that along with quality food, it simulates great conversations with your loved ones. Special mention of the service – so humble, so informative and so caring! When I showed the pics later to my hubby and kids, they said why I didn’t take them with me!!! So one many more trip trips to Capella are expected ♥

From lively dinner celebrations, or entertaining intimate business luncheons, to personalized cooking classes with world-class chefs, the Chef’s Table promises a unique gastronomic experience one will never forget. So when are you visiting Chef’s Table?

More Info:


Capella Singapore
1 The Knolls | Sentosa Island, Singapore 098297

Available on:
Monday to Friday
Saturday & Sunday and public holidays (served in Cassia)
Time: 3:00pm to 5:00pm

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  1. I think this place is the most favourable one to spend some quality time with friends and family over a cuppa… ?? I really liked the ambience of the hotel and all the pictures of foods you share are evident enough of the mouth watering menus of this Hotel .

  2. Angela Ricardo Bethea

    Everything looks so good! I would love to go to that kind of places! Good food plus good ambience equals perfection. ❤

  3. The Capella Singapore looks simply amazing! And that afternoon tea is definitely something I will keep in mind for our next trip in Singapore!

  4. It looks like such a beautiful place and I can see clearly what you mean about a touch of older and modern styles but its done in such a beautiful way! Like it looks chic but also like a high end reasurant! The food looks so beautifully presented and tasty too. Everytime I visit your blog I want to visit Singapore more and more!

  5. What an inviting little nook you found, I really love the homey vibes along with the elegant christmas decor that is not to much and not to little , they really have the right amount.

  6. The food looks so delicious, I love the presentation on the plates, you can see the chef has put a lot of effort into creating visual delightful dishes. That salmon indeed looks so yummy! And the cakes… I want to eat them all.

  7. Oh my word Shubhada, everything looks so incredibly delicious and tempting. What a lovely way to end off the year, you and your mum must have had an amazing time together and I love the names of the different teas. They all sound like something you would find in a fairy tale castle.

  8. I love flavoured green tea! So I guess if I was there, I’d love this place with so so many flavour choices that it provides. The exterior seating arrangements looks too good!

  9. I was browsing through and pretty impressed with the whole set up, thinking it’s some nice overseas fine dining (I missed the initial paragraph) when I arrived at the end, surprised to see that it’s actually in Singapore! Woohoo~

  10. What a luxurious looking food plating they have! The ambience looks so classy as well. Great for a special occasion afternoon tea with your loved ones.

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