Why Me Time is as important as Family Time…

Hats off to we moms who are on the job 24 X 7 365 days!!! We do everything and more for kids and family. Since morning 6 AM to midnight or beyond, we are constantly working – cooking, getting kids ready for school, their studies, hubby care, child care, home care and any ad-hoc care. Some of us are probably working women on top of it.

I am sure we all have played multiple roles – Mom, Wife, Friend, Nurse, Helper, Cleaner, Chef, Teacher, Working Professional and many more.

Don’t you feel exhausted? Rather, can we afford to feel exhausted? Yes yes, we surely need to take a breather and just relax. We truly really completely deserve dedicated Me-Time!! Me-Time is nothing but Take Time Out for yourself.

We all agree that for strong bonding, we all need to spend Quality Family Time. Just like that all concerned parties at home also need to nod their heads in agreement about Mom’s requirement of Me-Time! You love your Mom who devotes her life, sweat, blood for you. The best gift, a Mom can get from her family is constant support, encouragement and some precious Me-Time every day or at least every week.

As moms, we should ditch that guilt that comes when you try to spend some time ONLY ON YOURSELF. It’s perfectly okay to say this once in a while:


How Me-Time does wonders for the entire family?

Happy Mom

Me-Time offers that much needed distraction to mom from all her worries, daily routine and errands. She gets time to relax and enjoy some moments of her own. Of course, that makes her Happy! Happy Mom means Happy Family 🙂

Healthier Mom

Mom needs to remain hale and hearty since she carries the well-being of entire family on her shoulders. She could get some health issues due to stress like hormonal imbalance, body pain or fatigue. Me-Time gives time for her to concentrate and work on concern areas of her own health. She can go to gym, she can go for walks and get healthier.

Sharper Mom

Let her get some sleep or let her do her favorite things and she will come back sharper mind and with renewed zeal to resolve your doubts, your issues.

Updated Mom

All work and no play can make Mom dull. She has to go out, meet her peers, learn new skills and she has to keep updated with the latest information, latest technology. Updated Mom is someone who can relate more to her kids, their lingo, their feelings and their world.

Smarter, Prettier Mom

Moms are always smart and pretty. But a new haircut or rejuvenating facial will give them not only a new look but new confidence to face daily chores head on. If you look good, you do feel good! One appointment a month to salon works wonders for moms.

How to steal some Me-Time?

  • Get up a bit early in the morning and spend some time on yourself by taking a morning walk, going to gym etc.

  • When Kids and Hubby are out of office, read a book or watch your favourite movie or simply take a beauty nap.

  • Go for shopping alone! Kids can be with hubby and you can go and do shopping even if it is grocery shopping.

  • Meet like-minded friends and spend time with them.

  • Enrol for some course, learn a new skill.

  • Make pamper-me appointments and visit spa, salons.

  • Work out an arrangement with fellow moms and spend some time on yourself while they take care of your kids and vice-versa.

We should not forget one thing though! Just like moms need me-time, Dads need alone-time too. Ensure that Dads also relax, spend some time on themselves. Also, indulge in some We-Time where only hubby and wife spend some quality time together.

What do you do to get some Me-Time? How you spend it? Do share 🙂


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40 thoughts on “Why Me Time is as important as Family Time…”

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  2. It’s me again ? almost 1 year later and I’m reading this post again. My baby is gonna turn 1yo soon and didn’t really have much me-time. Except one pathetic time I had high fever (first time in my whole life) and slept the whole day! That was AWESOME!!! The sleep, not the fever ? however I’m gonna start following your tips! I’ve never pampered myself to spa’s… I should one day! Thanks again for sharing ?

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  5. I CRAVEEEE for me-time, especially when i have 3 kids to deal with most of the time lol. My me-time is quite simple though, just surfing with my phone while baby is asleep in my arms.. or just lying in bed to daydream whenever I can. It refreshes me by simply doing nothing!

  6. Agree! My me-time happens during lunch time. Which is also when gym-time happens on certain days. I’m really glad I work, and can carve out lunch time for these activities. Hardly any guilt-free chance otherwise!

  7. Having a me time is very important because then you would reflect on the importance of personal values and sense of character. It’s also a good reflection time to think about lessons.

  8. I completely agree, we have to take care of ourselves before we can take care of our families properly. Me-time is essential and it’s one of the most rewarding things that you can give to a mother especially if she doesn’t get to have much time off.

  9. I think ME time is so essential! Otherwise, a grumpy mom or dad does no good to the kids. I take an evening shower while dad watches the kids. That’s my ME time. It’s not fancy but it’s a quiet time where I can be by myself and relax without worrying about the kids or work.

  10. As a mum need to have me time to pamper and reward ourself. working we ca take leave but as housewife, we work 24 hours for our family. Once in a while having me time is alright.

  11. Kudos to moms – they do so much for other people all the time and are sometimes unappreciated. This is a good reminder to take me time, even for a single person like myself.

  12. Totally agree with you! ME time is super-duper beneficial for everyone (especially us MOMs)! I’m now trying to find my ME time but I’m still in confinement. Just delivered my 2nd son ?

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