Here’s Sara celebrating Father’s Day!!

This Father’s Day, RainbowDiaries bring you special series where moms celebrate father’s day for the father of their kids. You read my opening post here, yesterday Sarika shared her thoughts

Today is Father’s Day and we bring you another awesome mom of 2 and wife of loving hubby giving us Father’s Day wishes…Sara is our Guest Writer and admin of RainbowDiaries Facebook Forum. She is a food blogger too. Lets read what she says…


  • An affectionate Father of two boys, if you ask Wife or kids. He will surely say that he loves them a lot.
  • A calm dad who is also ever loving and happy to be with kids.
  • A perfect Dad knows how to handle them.

My both boys are always stuck with dad, waiting for him to return from office. They call him and ask what time he will come and stay awake till he comes. They always ensure dad will join them on our outings. Father loves playing with kids like buying toy cars, watching kids movie together, Cycling, music, and all activities the kids wants too.

He takes care of them like a Mom by ensuring their meals like breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner are always healthy. He is a very concerned and caring of kids and their health. He is very strict and disciplined in his work. My kids are very lucky to have such a wonderful Dad. All weekends are Happy and Exhausting for him with kids as they call him for everything right from bathing to dinner but he enjoys. He ensures kids enjoy n get things what he missed in his childhood like skating n keyboard classes. He is a Finance Manager who loves to draw and play piano.
Wishing him and all other Dads a fabulous Father’s Day.


Here is the recipe that the Dad of my kids and kids as well love.

Homemade Bhatura Recipe


APF/Maida – 200 gms
Fine Rava/Semolina- 2 tblspns
Curd/yogurt- 2 tblspn
Sugar – 1/4 pinch
Salt – 1/2 tspn
Oil – 2 tblspn
Water as required to need the dough.
Oil to deep fry


In a wide bowl/basin, add all the ingredients one by one and mix to get a soft dough.

Rest it for 1 hour. Close it with a wet towel.

Then heat oil in kadai.

Make balls like for puris as desired shape and size.

Deep fry both sides in oil.

Remove on a tissue.

Serve with Channa Masala and raw onions.

Note- Oil should be very hot for Bhaturas to puff up.


Sara Iyer

I am going to surely try out this Bhatura recipe with Chana Masala and Nomnom it with my kids and their father!! You too enjoy and have Happy Father’s Day!!!



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  2. Hey, that photo was from the RSAF Open House! Did you guys enjoy yourself then? I was there doing the photoshoot for Descendants of the Sun bridal…
    It’s pretty cool how we might have just missed each other!

  3. What a very sweet dedication to a loving father! I’m sure his kids are proud of him as well. Fathers like him deserve the recognition and the love that they receive during Father’s day and everyday.

  4. Since we’re still preparing to travel as a family, food is the best thing we know how to introduce our kids to other cultures. I will try this recipe with them. Thanks for sharing!

  5. When I was in Dubai, I loved to eat Puri and Arabic bread. You did expressed your love to your husband and the food too. Well, Chicken Masala’s good too but I preferred to lower the spiciness.

  6. Spending quality time with the kids is the perfect gift for Father’s Day. It’s too common nowadays to buy material things for dad but I think fathers would want to be care for and appreciated above all.

  7. This is yet another Father’s day tribute to another perfect dad. It is so fond to read how fathers influence their kids and build their character. I pray my kids can look back on their growing up years and see me in a positive light.

  8. My goodness, where does he get all that energy from!

    I’d be too pooped after work to prepare meals and would probably want to leave the bathing to Mom on the weekends. Haha. Great dad, happy belated Father’s Day.

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