{Review + Giveaway} PNKids Complete Multivitamin + Minerals Syrup for Boys /Girls

Are you one of those parents who are always stressed because their kids are extremely choosy about what they eat? In fact, sometimes, you don’t understand what to do so that the prince and princess will at least nibble something..

I can perfectly understand your concern because..

Scene 1: my 9-year old daughter is still a very picky eater. I am constantly on the look-out for different Food options which hopefully she would give a try. Many-a-times, my efforts go in-vain and leave me frustrated! Sometimes she says no to veggies and other times she flatly refuses to eat fruits..What to do so that her growth in these important pre-teen years doesn’t get affected and she doesn’t suffer from malnutrition?

Scene 2: my 3.5 years old boy is a quite good boy so far. He eats what I give him and though sometimes his speed of eating is too slow, he doesn’t outrightly run away from the food. He was on formula milk till recently and now started to take normal fresh milk. Formula milk used to take care of his daily allowance of minerals and vitamins but does the normal fresh milk provide complete nutrition? Whatever food I am giving him, is it sufficient for maintaining healthy growth of pre-schooler?

Frankly speaking, I have tried a few of multivitamins syrups and 
chewies etc. but always faced some or the other issues with them.

Either the taste is too bitter or too sweet, or it tastes just like a medicine so kids straightaway spit it out. OR it is too costly and doesn’t offer value for money. OR it kills their natural hunger rather than nourishing young tummies OR it makes them so much hungry that doesn’t even seem natural!! On top of it, we follow vegetarian diet, so fish oil or other supplements containing meat extracts, we cannot use. 🙁

When I was in this usual dilemma of what to try next and get a complete solution for my kids – multivitamin that will taste great, easy to take, provides all the essential components for promoting natural growth….I came across PNKids! Spotted “PNKids Complete Multivitamin + Minerals Syrup for Boys / Girls” at Watsons and instantly liked the vibrant and colourful packaging. Kids would love it too. It has kids’ favorite flavour – Mango! What a relief from usual orange..and it is suitable for vegetarians like us. Hurray!

When I researched a bit more about this syrup, I found out that PNKids is ranked No. 1 in the Kids Multivitamin brands in Singapore as per AC Nielson report.

(C) Singapore Desi
(C) Singapore Desi

So I was very happy when I received a package of PNKids Complete Multivitamin + Minerals Syrup for Boys /Girls for my kids to try-out. The moment the package arrived, my girl and boy both immediately wanted me to open it! So this is what I found inside…

Vibrant colored packs clearly mentioning which is for boys and which is for girls! with detailed information about the nutritional values it offers…

(C) Singapore Desi
(C) Singapore Desi
Wow!! what’s that? 2 free educational toys inside each pack…It cannot get better than this!
(C) Singapore Desi
(C) Singapore Desi

PNKids Complete MultiVitamin + Minerals Syrup is formulated with essential nutrients, vitamins, minerals, lysine and it is suitable for infants and children aged 12 months and older. You can mix it in water, milk, juices or even pour it onto food. So how about carrot juice with PNKids OR chocolate cupcake with PNKids syrup as an icing? 🙂 🙂

My kids took it directly and they liked it! No “ewwww, yucky” at all…Next day I pour it on the toast for my girl and no issues!

(C) Singapore Desi

PNKids Complete Multivitamin + MineralsSyrups offers panicky parent like me a complete peace of mind. Kids’ daily nutritional needs are being taken care of; no matter how picky eater the kid is. Now With PNKids Syrups, kids can get to enjoy the nutrients they really should eat. Each pack comes with an exciting educational toy for kids overall development. Eating vitamins can be real fun now!

PNKids is so kind to sponsor a giveaway of  “PNKids Multivitamin + Minerals for 3 Boys and 3 Girls”. So parents who regularly follow our Facebook forum “SINdiapore” and page “Singapore Desi” as well our blog, here is your chance to give your kids 21-essential vitamins and minerals in the most fuss-free way. As many as 6 lucky parents would win the syrup that will give necessary multivitamin and minerals for their cute kids.

Just 2 steps and you could be the lucky winner of PNKids giveaway –

1. Read this blog post and leave a comment why you think supplements containing multivitamin and minerals are necessary for your kid. Don’t forget to mention your name and kid’s gender.

2. Like PNKids Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/PNKids.SG

Shubhada B.
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  1. In this tech world food also has become hitech. As a mom of 21 months old I would like to improve her immune system through supplements apart from foods. Supplements improves over all health like improving appetite, reduces bouts of sickness too…

  2. Iam a mom of 21 months baby girl. In this high tech living even food has become hitech. Since the chances of finding purity in food has become less now a days as a mom I convinced myself to opt for supplements apart from food. Giving supplements improve the immune system so that they don't fall sick often.

  3. My daughter is a picky eater. I try to give her veggies but she doesn't eat. I think she needs multivitamins else the growth won't be proper.

  4. My kid goes to a Childcare and generally being a fussy eater falls short of nutrition (add the fact that we are vegetarians limiting his choice at child care). Multivitamins ensures that my kid is getting all required during his early days.

  5. My kid goes to a Childcare and generally being a fussy eater falls short of nutrition (add the fact that we are vegetarians limiting his choice at child care). Multivitamins ensures that my kid is getting all required during his early days.

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