“I want to be part of #NUFFNANGBLOGCON at Hotel Jen Tanglin”

My blog “Singapore Desi” is a relatively new blog though I have a big social media group called “SINDiapore” on Facebook which supports my blog with all the love and care. 

Being a newbie in the field of blogging, I was a bit doubtful about the kind of response I would get, about the kind of posts I would write, about the kind of advertisements I would display on my blog and hundreds of other doubts!!

Fortunately, Singapore Desi posts are getting quite a good reception on my social media and the response is very encouraging.

While thinking about what ads I should post on my blog, I stumbled upon “Nuffnang” – one of the biggest community of passionate bloggers who think blogging can really make a difference to the lives of readers and contributors. 
I joined Nuffnang and added their widgets to my blog. Voila! My blog started showing very relevant, very catchy, very useful ads! 🙂

Now, I follow Nuffnang religiously. So when I got an email about the first-ever blogcon to be held in November where five lucky bloggers get an opportunity to attend it, I already started dreaming about it. I mean who doesn’t want to meet celebrity bloggers who we always meet us via their colorful and lively writings?

Here are my solid reasons why I want to be a part of #NUFFNANGBLOGCON :

1. I so want to see the virtual become real. Want to meet the committed people behind Nuffnang, chat with them and have some techie fun time. Am sure, this blogcon will be an eye-opener and offer new insights.

2. I am also looking forward to attend some power speeches by the eminent bloggers and note down tips and tricks given by them that I can later use in my posts. It would be great to learn from their experience. Would like to know how the ever-changing digital landscape will impact the blogs in near future. I am expecting to get answers to some of my queries as well.

3. Would love to network with fellow Nuffnangers and bond over our common liking of blogging and other social media technologies. Would love to know more about their blogs and share some info about my little blog with them. It would be beneficial to discuss possibilities with Nuffnangers like how we can promote each other’s blog and build audience base.

4. It would be so delightful to attend the workshops that day – To try-out some great apps for photography, creative writing and social media tools to enhance the reach of my blog.

5. Last but not the least, I am eagerly waiting to do something unique and exciting on Saturday, something that will teach me new tricks of trade and something that will add more flavor to my personality.

Hope to see you there! 🙂 🙂

Shubhada B.
(for Singapore Desi)

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