Bigger than Bigger OR even Bigger than that? – which iPhone you should choose

This post is exclusively for peeps who love Apple!! No mango, no chocolate and no jellybean…Purely Apple 🙂 It is not that I don’t like lollipops and jellybeans…but apple is healthier…wink wink!

I am going to compare iPhone vs. iPhone  i.e. 6 vs. 6 Plus. These 2 models hit the market around 6 months back and literally created the storm! Apple fans who were looking for the powerful iOS coupled up with BIG size like other competitor devices, got what they expected and more…new sales records were created @ Apple and so on..
In this month of April, some of you must have bought 6 while some must have settled for 6 Plus..and Some must be thinking to switch to Apple when their existing contract gets over…
I have tried both the models and would like to draw some comparisons that can be helpful for you all to decide 🙂

My adventure with iPhone 6
I started off with iPhone 6. Bought it within 2-3 days after it hit SG. Needless to say that iPhone’s signature interface is as usual premium and one touch is enough to win your heart. iPhone 6’s size is quite big compared to its ancestors – 5 and 5S – precisely speaking 4.7″. So that is one thing that users migrating from 5 and 5S would really appreciate. In addition to that it is so slim just at 6.9 mm.

iPhone 6 display is simply amazing. So hi-res that even tiniest details come alive on the screen. Apple calls it “Retina HD display”.

I find iPhone always faster to navigate, easier to use than its competitors. IPhone 6 is no different! Based on 64-bit architecture, it has A8 chip inside.

I was using iPhone 4 and later switched my loyalties to android, used Galaxy series and Note 2. Then came iPhone 6 and it was kind of Déjà_vu for me! That one and only one Home button, minimalist, clean interface…You will find iPhone 6 friendly.

It fits your jeans pocket or lunchtime bags or even bigger wallets perfectly. No risk of dropping it out of pockets etc.

All in all, iPhone 6 is a very fine phone for iOS lovers who –

  • prefer smaller size phones
  • prefer to keep mobiles in jeans pocket / clutches / bigger wristlets
  • have other mobile devices like iPad or iPad mini or other tablets for reading, watching media, gaming etc.
  • have smaller hands and cannot handle too big phone functionality
  • prefer sleek, slim, classy appearance

Then why iPhone 6 Plus?

I used iPhone 6 for 6 months before switching to its BIGGER BRO – iPhone 6 Plus. Why? actually was pretty happy with iPhone 6 and I will still say that 6 is an ideal phone.

But, I was using Note 2 before..So in 6, what I was missing or rather terribly missing was Note 2’s 5.5″ screen. Now, iPhone 6 has 4.7″ size and on paper, 4.7″ and 5.5″ is not too much difference. But when you start using, you will find that it does make difference!! iPhone 6 Plus is gigantic..taller than 6″ with a display of 5.5″.

I do have smaller hands and I can still use 6 Plus with its “reachability” feature. 

Must say that after switching to iPhone 6 Plus, you will fall in love with it in all probabilities. Most of the specs of 6 and 6 Plus are very much the same with a few enhancements available in 6 Plus.

All in all, iPhone 6 Plus is for those users who –

  • prefer bigger size phablet or those who are switching from Samsung / HTC to Apple
  • prefer to use mobile with both the hands (both-handed operation)
  • have other mobile devices like iPad or iPad mini or other tablets but would like to use phone as a primary device for media, gaming etc.

Read more here –

Compare 6 and 6 Plus specs here –

Whichever model you choose, it will be a WOW choice anyways! 🙂 🙂

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Disclaimer: all opinions expressed above are purely personal in nature.

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