Travelling with Infants and Toddlers – Feeding bottles Mess!! and Ways to tackle…

Ask any new / somewhat-old mom who has to travel with her infant / toddler… about how she manages kid’s milk timings while on the go and the answer would be – “BIG MESS and SO MUCH HASSLE”!!

Typical Scene: I am travelling to India..Air journey and later reaching India home is going to easily take at least 8-10 with my entire family – Hubby, Baby, Baby’s elder Sis and so many Bags. The moment I step out of home, baby suddenly starts asking for milk. There is no point in making any logical arguments with babies like just-now-you-finished-your-milk etc. They want means they WANT!

So wherever I am – in the cab, on the airport, open baby bag, take one feeding bottle (am carrying at least 6 bottles btw), thermos, put hot water then cold water, mix milk powder and shake shake shake..Milk is ready and baby is happy!

Next part I simply hate doing – manage these milk bottles (with leftover milk formula and its smell), sticky feeling etc. So what to do? Just push these bottles somewhere in the baby bag and keep on accumulating 4-5-6 bottles in the whole journey.

The moment I reach my India home – first thing to do is – no, not hugging parents, chatting away happily and all..BUT, WASH MILK BOTTLES and NIPPLES, STERLIZE them by boiling! Such a hassle indeed. 🙁

This scene continues throughout the trip – whether you are attending wedding, going for shopping, doing anything..


Enough is Enough, last time when I went to India, I searched online and offline and figured out 2 quick solutions for moms who do not want to go through this milk bottles saga. Tried these products and really happy about the value for money they offer! Read on to find out – to save lot of time and energy..Allowing moms to enjoy a few more free moments on their India trip.

  • Playtex – this bottle comes with drop-in liners. Very unique concept which allows you to reuse the same bottle with new drop-in liner every time. So what you have to wash is only bottle nipples. That too very convenient to wash n clean compared to traditional ones. You get it in all leading baby and kids stores in SG. Click here to see how it works –
  • Steri-bottle – this one is completely disposable. Use and Recycle! Here is the link to its website –

Needless to say that both the above products are BPA free 🙂

My suggestion is to go for Steri-bottle when you are going to travel for shorter duration say 2-3 days. It’s a bit costly compared to Playtex and you will need lots of packs of steri-bottle making it difficult to carry when you are away for many days.

So do try them when you travel next time and let us know your experiences 🙂

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