Philips AirFryer – my new toy for healthier cooking

Am not too much into kitchen gadgets. Many a times, I found them cumbersome to use. e.g. Food processor and its numerous attachments, Convection grill microwave and its so many settings. Rather than adding speed to cooking, I get confused while using these gadgets.
Air Fryer was on my wish list for some time. Had heard about it on various forums and had seen its demo in some malls. But looking at my aptitude of using kitchen gadgets, was not so sure.
Finally, Philips Air Fryer came to me by chance. One of my office colleagues won it in a lucky draw and didn’t want it so I bought from him. Yippee! at discounted price, this gadget became mine!! 😀
Air Fryer is compact in size and comes in 2 colors – black and white. Different models are available at different costs. Fits very easily on your kitchen platform or any other designated place. It is lightweight too.
This is how it looks –
Here is the temperature setting. Simple knob to move!
and..Timer… another knob. So simple!!
This is what I cooked first…french fries that can literally beat leading food joints..Look at the fryer basket in which I put the cut potato wedges and set the timer. The frying process happening now..
Ta da…Ready!! crispy from outside and softer from inside fries…With just a dash of oil…
Air Fryer works using “Rapid Air technology” and can fry, roast, bake and grill…
Sample recipe booklet comes with the air fryer to give you some headstart.
So what dishes you can cook using it? well, Sky is the limit! totally depends on your creativity…
These are some of the dishes that I tried using Air Fryer and the results are really good.
Grilled Veggies, Hara Bhara kabaab, Vanilla muffins, Crunchy noodles bhel, Samosas, Cheesy Garlicky mushrooms and so on.. 
So what are the pros of having it?

  • Healthier cooking, very less oil needed compared to traditional frying
  • Set the temperature and timer and do whatever else you want to do. No need for constant monitoring 
  • You can fry / roast / grill / bake. Wider choices of dishes can be prepared 
  • Compact in size. Less in weight
  • Easy operation. Just 2 buttons to use. No complicated settings.
  • Easy to clean
The only con I feel it has is the compact size itself. So you cannot make larger quantities of food at a time.
Overall, ROI is pretty good for this product. 🙂 🙂 You can also consider buying it..
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28 thoughts on “Philips AirFryer – my new toy for healthier cooking”

  1. I’ve been contemplating for the longest time if I shld invest in one too. However, it seems to work like an oven which I already have one..hmmm, shld or shldn’t?

  2. My home use the air-fryer too… Although I hardly ever eat fried food at home if I can, the air fryer is indeed something that makes food slightly healthier

  3. I think air fryer is the new thing now. If you want a healthy meal sans oil, the this is really a good alternative for normal frying. Thanks for the review. Will check this product out!

  4. Air fryer just makes it easier to fry things. Somehow changing the traditional system of frying. Good to know your enjoying the Air fryer, love your review.

  5. heard so many raves about this air fryer and seen so many recipes i never knew can be done in an air fryer. so my verdict is: i’ll get this for my mum for mother’s day present! hahahaha…

  6. Thank you for this review. I never knew such a gadget existed. Maybe now I can discuss this with my wife if we need one in our kitchen.

  7. Wow! An air fryer and it’s Philips. I would love to have this and try it out in my own kitchen! Will definitely look for one at the mall. Thanks for sharing.

  8. This is a very good alternative to frying, less oil means less fat and cholesterol to worry about. I have been thinking of getting one for the family ever since I’ve heard of it a few years back. I think it’s about time.

  9. I have seen this in the home appliance store and I think it’s really cool.I am not into cooking much so something that’s all in one and easy to use is a great gadget.

  10. Brought my air fryer three years back and it’s my favourite kitchen appliances till now. Grilled salmon, fried party food is so much easier and fuss free, and the best is oil free!

  11. I think you’ve rekindled my love for my air fryer which I’ve neglected for the past few months. Time for some air-fried goodies!

  12. Haha.. ROI… Glad that you’re making good use of the air fryer! Kitchen appliances have the tendency to become white elephants, but the air fryer does look very useful.

  13. I got the air fryer about 5 years back when it first made its debut because it is so cool to deep fry stuff without oil! They have an updated version now, instead of the analogue turn knob for the time, it is now digital!

    I look forward to buy more accessories so that I can make more interesting things, like making chiffon cakes. hehehe

  14. I feel you about “complicated” kitchen gadgets. I recently bought 8in1 cooker but end up only using it for cooking rice. Haha!

    I have yet to invest in an air fryer, will give it a careful consideration.

  15. Interesting. We don’t do much frying in our household but if the air fryer could ‘fry’ without oil, perhaps we can add more dishes to our repertoire. Thanks for sharing.

  16. I am extremely impressed with the results I got using the Oil-less air fryer! I was not sure what to expect to be honest as I was skeptical of how this would actually work. To my surprise, it works amazingly!! It fried my chicken to be crispy and moist as if I fried it in a pan of oil except without the use of ANY oil! Never knew this was possible and glad that I found this and decided to try it out. Excited to try many different types of food with it!

  17. I loved Philips Air Fryer Review. They are particularly useful for those who are keeping track of the calorie consumption. Diets and individuals can often be complicated and often guidelines out any deep-fried meals, just by the characteristics in which they are prepared. Airfryer are not just for chips! Any kind of meals, from poultry items to blueberry jewelry can be prepared in this way. The only restricting aspect is your creativity

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