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Singapore has an infinite number of options as far food is concerned. You name it and we get it here! 

People who work in the CBD [Central Business District] area are spoilt for choices. Variety of dishes ranging from Chinese, Malay, Indian food to Western like Mexican, American, French, Italian are available. Whether you are a vegetarian, non-vegetarian or vegan, options are abundant. 

Recently, on one of my daily lunch explorations, came across this newly opened “The Wicked Garlic” restaurant @ International Plaza. Now, I am a vegetarian and hence have to see whether I get veg dishes in a particular restaurant. Fortunately, The Wicked Garlic has some veg options so decided to try it.

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This restaurant provides authentic Italian food. So obviously, the menu does consist of Pastas, Pizzas, Risottos and Italian desserts. Cost is affordable too. Dishes range from 4 SGD – 20 SGD. Set meals consisting of pasta of the day, soup of the day and drink costing around 12-13 SGD are also quite good for lunch goers to try.

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I ordered Soup of the Day and SPAGHETTI AGLIO OLIO E ACCIUGHE with extra Mushrooms and SPICY!!

Must say that service is pretty swift here and the staff is proficient in handling crowds though the place is somewhat crammed. So you first check with them about waiting time – then order – wait for a while – they allot the space for you – order is served..Phew! sequence of events is generally like this.

Ok, here is my Soup of the Day – Tomato soup with a dash of garlic [I guess they chopped the garlic in very small pieces, tossed them in extra virgin olive oil and mixed with tomato puree with added herbs]. Garlic bread is a bonus!

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Pasta made in Aglio Olio style has a danger of getting too dry or too oily while cooking. Once I ate the same in the Amoy Hawker Center [one of the glorious-most food court in CBD. More about it? some other time..] and it was almost uneatable. 🙁

But The Wicked Garlic didn’t disappoint me. Here comes my Aglio Olio pasta with mushrooms and of course garlic! Pasta was just right. Red chillies were added for spicy flavor. I added chilli flakes on top of it. Now tastes so good..

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My friends who ate non-veg choices were also happy with this restaurant. Portions of the food that this restaurant serve are not too big not smaller either.

So why not you also give a try? Eat here and later take a stroll in International Plaza…Do some shopping and have some fruits or juices later. 

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12 thoughts on “Restaurant Review – The Wicked Garlic”

  1. Thks for sharing! Aglio olio has always been one of my fave..will give it a try if I’m in the vicinity 😉

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  3. I’m always confused by International Plaza and International Building. Is this at Orchard? Ooo I love garlic even though it makes my mouth stinks hahah

  4. The name of the restaurant itself got me! I love garlic! My boys don’t though and they rejected pasta cooked with garlic… Until I told them that vampires are scared of garlics. Wahaha… *evil mum*

  5. Hooray! I work near here and this venue has come up quite in bit in suggested places for team lunch. Shall propose the team to have lunch here one of these days!

  6. It’s pretty common that restaurants and cafes start to serve vegetarian options nowadays. I have also encountered many Aglio Olio mains which are too oily. Probably one day I will pop by this place to taste their Aglio Olio. Thanks for sharing.

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