Warm Welcome!

Warm Welcome to all visitors. 

I relocated to Singapore from India before 5-6 years and know exactly what it takes to settle in the foreign land. You need some tips and tricks to settle and hand-holding, spoon-feeding as well. 😛 Through this blog, I intend to share my experiences in Singapore and how they have helped me to develop as a person, as a parent, as a professional.

The concept of this blog was lingering on my mind for some time.

I already have this big group on Facebook called “SINdiapore” (https://www.facebook.com/groups/SINdiapore) where members discuss and share a lot of useful information on how to lead a happy life in Singapore.

This whole journey in Social Networking started with “Orkut” (remember it?!) where I was a moderator of “Indians in Singapore” forum. This forum gave me new friends when I was relatively new in Singapore.

I hope that the readers of this blog will get something useful out of it.

Your comments are always valuable. Please do comment.