More about my Facebook group “SINdiapore”

In my first post, I briefly mentioned about SINdiapore. Let me share some more information about it today.

I created this group about 1-1 1/2 years back to leverage the reach and visibility provided by Facebook. Today, it is one of the happening group bustling with activities of about 1000+ members. SINdiapore members consist of expats, PRs and Singaporeans.

We have also organized events like picnics, dinner parties, blood donation drives through SINdiapore.

Please feel free to join it and share your experiences, ask queries and advertise your products and services. Also get in touch with us, should you need any support for your events.

Here is the link for the group on Facebook –

Mrs. Saraswathi Iyer (who is a great food blogger too) co-admins SINdiapore along with me.

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